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bushFireDrone.com - efficient forest fire fighting

Our AX drone is a large fixed-wing UAV optimised for forest fire / vegetation fire / bush fire fighting.
It is designed to operate as a small swarm of loyal wingman drones in combination with manned aircraft for fire fighting.
This allows the fire to be extinguished more quickly, in a very cost and resource efficient manner, with the highest risk tasks being carried out by the unmanned drones.
It can also operate autonomously, providing live multi-spectral imagery to experts on the ground and receiving fire fighting instructions from a remote ground station.

The Swiss engineering company Ray Research AG is centrally coordinating the AX development for a network of partners.

Our AX drone has a specific design for the specific tasks.
The exact look will be revealed later.

Bush fire drone - forest fire fighting

We are proud to inform, that our development profits from innosuisse support.
innosuisse Swiss Innovation Agency

Drohnenfliegen.ch Kurse / UAV training

We offer courses for drones in German language to enable legal and responsible flying.

UAV development

Ray Research AG develops own UAV designs and also provides services by using UAVs of other origin.
We use specially designed components in combination with off-the-shelf RC components for our UAVs.
In addition to computer simulations we also use UAVs for small scaled prototypes of our manned aircraft designs.

According to the ethical guidelines of Ray Research AG we don't develop weapons and war material.
Most UAV activities are not further disclosed.

The Dart project

To compete for the Boeing GoFly Prize we have upscaled one of our very simple UAV designs:

Small camera drone with long endurance and range
DART camera drone

Upscaled for GoFly prize to transport human size test dummy.

> The DartFlyer project.

Digital HW & SW and open source licenses

For research and development of our UAVs we have used hardware and software of MikroKopter.de.
Since 2017 we also adopted the technology developed under ArduPilot.org for our projects.